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Class of 2022

Class of 2022 Honors Thesis Papers

Alana Agron Racial Disproportionality in North Carolina: An Analysis of Identification Practices for Special Education Programs and Educator Perspectives

Christy An Facial Recognition Technology as an Investigation and Surveillance Tool for Law Enforcement: Comparing China, the United States, and the United Kingdom

Lucy Callard At Home or on Campus? How students Decide Where to Register to Vote

Noah Charlick Separate and Unequal: An Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in Exclusionary Disciplinary Practices in North Carolina

Mikayla Curtis Examining the Effects of Geography on Levels of Political Participation Among Lower-Income Individuals

Emma Dries The Power of “Stability”: Alfredo Stroessner’s Classification by the US Government as  a “Stable Leader” & its Effect on the Dictator’s Longevity

Blake Faucher Political Socialization and Impressionable Years: Young People, Donald Trump, and Covid-19

Sofia Girvin How the Media and the Masses Confront Gun Violence: The Evolution of Print Media Coverage of School Shootings Since Columbine, in Correlation with Subsequent Changes in American Public Opinion

Violet Greene Diversion Programs in the Era of Raise the Age

Rhea Jain Examining the Quality of Care for Pregnant Women in Jails in North Carolina

Jacob Jeffries Preparing for an Infrastructure Revolution: Policy Considerations for Autonomous Vehicle Data Collection

Anna Jiang Child Marriage in the United States: An Exploration of Related Factors

Zac Johnson Deserved Workers? Historicizing Labor Relations and Racial Criminal Pathologization as They Appear in North Carolina’s General Statutes

Amanda Kang Seeing Red: Exploring How a Communist Country of Origin Affects Republican Partisanship in Asian American Immigrants

Caroline KassirSplit-Ticket Voting in the 2020 General Election

Hunter Kaufman The Academic Impacts on College STEM Achievement of High-Rigor Secondary Courses

Joanne Kim Your Mental Health Data is For Sale!: The Impact of Data Brokers on the Exchange and Use of Mental Health Data and the Related Implications on the Personal Privacy of Depressed and Anxious Individuals

Allison Kunstler Exploratory Analysis of North Carolina’s Raise the Age Law in 2020: Expectations versus Reality

Jason Kwak Examining Non-Response Bias Among Trump Voters in the 2020 Presidential Election

Daisy Lane Exploring the Intersection of College Students, Social Media, and Political Participation

Alexis Mandel What Comes Next?: Student Mental Health Policy in North Carolina High Schools Post-Pandemic

Kyle Melatti The Politics of Affirmative Action in North Carolina’s Higher Education

Samarth Menta The Impacts of Accountable Care Organizations on Health Outcomes and Health Disparities Across Different Demographics: A Scoping Review

Maya Miller From the Nineties to Now: Investigating How Local Newspapers Cover Their U.S. House Members

Julia Murphy Carbon Price Pass-Through in the Chinese Emissions Trading Scheme: Lessons from the Republic of Korea and the European Union

Arya Patel The Triple Burden on Tribal Female Circular Migrants: Restrictions on Mobility and Access to State Relief During Covid-19

Olivia Reneau Justice Delayed: An Analysis of Municipal-Level Proposals for Slavery Reparations

Leah Somerville Poverty Frameworks and Public Welfare: A State-Level Analysis

Ysanne Spence Pickney Fi Learn: An Analysis of Jamaica’s Response to COVID-19 for Elementary-Aged Students

Micalyn Struble Punishment, Privacy, and Profit: How Data Brokers Advertise and Sell the Personal Information of Justice-Involved People

Ruhama Tereda More than Just Essential: Poultry Processing Workers’ Perceptions of Covid-19 and Collective Bargaining

Michaela Towfighi Policy Proposals and Pinky Promises: Framing Media Coverage of Female Presidential Candidates

Liyu Woldemichael Carcerality and the Climate Crisis: Incarcerated People & the Prison-to-Pollution Pipeline