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Class of 2021 Honors Projects


Autumn Barnes – Addressing Barriers to HIV Treatment Retention and ART Adherence Through Behavioral Interventions: A Scoping Review of People Living with HIV Who Inject Drugs

Sarah Bond – The Enabling Factors & Barriers to the Passage of the Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act: A Florida Case Study

Yuexuan Chen – Strategies for Infectious Disease Containment Based on Testing Fail High-Risk Subpopulations: Cultural Practices of Testing in TB, HIV and Covid-19 in the United States

Anna Chulack – Delaying Child Marriage in the World’s Most Afflicted Country: Evaluating Whether or Not Ethiopia’s ‘Berhane Hewan’ Intervention Program Could Be Replicated with Success in Niger

Alyson Diaz – ‘Feminicidio’ Media Framing of Ciudad Juárez Feminicidios

Alex Dodenhoff – Examining Public Discourse of AI in the United States

Caroline Doherty – Farmworker Perceptions of Living Conditions, Work Safety, and Work Hours

Thea Dowrich – Coming Home to Bull City: A Program Evaluation of Durham’s Local Re-Entry Council

Barbara Euripides – Analysis of Human Trafficking in North Carolina: Examining partnerships amongst anti-human trafficking stakeholders in North Carolina

Aidan Fitzsimons – Intersectional Identities and Machine Learning: Illuminating Language Biases in Twitter Algorithms

Katja Gilman – The Art of Effective Arts Programs: Characteristics of Arts Programs in American Universities

Eva Hong – Who’s ‘the King of the World’: The US, France, and China Competing for Cultural Dominance Through Cinema in a Globalized Context

Alexandra Johnson – The Effects of Collective Identity Theory on Local Congolese Refugees

Chelsea Jubitana – Sex Trafficking: A Policy Proposal on the International Regulation of Human Sexual Exploitation

Sophia Katz – Wasted Energy: Re-Directing Investment Into Renewables Through Environmental Policy

Anna Klingensmith – Women as Agents in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism: a Comparison between Europe and the Middle East and North Africa

Erin Lee – ‘Fires From Across the River’: An Analysis of American Racial Discourse in the Korea Daily and Amongst Its Readers

Jesse Lowey – Predicting the Chances of Clearance and Conviction for Shootings

Noah McThenia – Organizing Online: Political Participation on Reddit

Amina Mohamed – A New Life: Exploring the Maternal Healthcare Experiences of Somali Refugee Women in North Carolina

Liam Nolan – Expanding Worker Co-operatives in America

Savannah Norman – Assessing the Evaluation Methods of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Latin American Compact Projects

Braelyn Parkman – A History of Coal Ash Policy in North Carolina

Victoria Pinter – Hispanic Families’ Utilization of Social Benefits: A Regional Analysis

Swathi Ramprasad – Are Numbers Objective? An Analysis of Computational Risk Assessment’s Impact on Underrepresented Communities

Jose Rosario – Anti-Haitianismo and Sentencia 168: An Analysis of Anti-Haitian Stereotypes in Three Dominican Newspapers

Luke Sommer – Finding a Middle Ground: Free Speech and Inclusivity

James Toscano, Jr. – Whose Ballots Are Rejected and Why? Demographic Dynamics of Provisional Ballots in North Carolina

Kathleen Vern – Factors of Successful U.S. Arms Influence Attempts under the Trump Administration

Audrey Vila – The Effects of Gentrification on Calls to Service Utilization: A Case Study of Durham, NC

Adam Wilck – A New Frontier for Protest: Exploring the Implications of Social Media Use on the 2019 Global Protest Wave

Ellie Winslow – Gender Pay Inequality in Professional Sports: How Policy Shapes a Consistent Divide

Andrew Zheng – #VoterSuppressionGoneDigital: Exploring the Language and Use of Voter Suppression in Social Media