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Class of 2024

Class of 2024 Honors Thesis Papers

Theiija Balasubramanian – American Family Treatment Courts: How North Carolina FTCs can show us the path forward.

Annie Cui – COVID-19’s Impact on Undergraduate Students’ Priorities, Major Decisions, and Career Aspirations at Duke University.

Pilar Kelly – ShotSpotter in Durham, NC: Service or Burden? A Community Sentiment Evaluation,

Rose Lee – Knowledge Dissemination Within the Caregiving Community.

Lia Lemieux – Rural Politics of Minnesota.

George McCabe – How the Fast Track Intervention Impacts Adult Criminality

Amiya Mehrotra –  Higher Education as a Vessel of Democracy: How Higher Education Institutions Can Promote Political Participation in their Programming Following the Example of Olin College of Engineering.

Henry Park – Exploring differences between first and continuing-generation student experiences of the Duke Engage Summer Program.

Anisha Reddy – The title of my thesis is Shifting School Climates for LGBTQ+ Students: An Impact Analysis of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law.

Juliana Shank – The Medicare Advantage Quality Bonus Program: Boosting Beneficiary Experience or Blowing Cash?

Rory Smith – Mind the Gap: A Comparative Analysis of Adolescent Mental Health, Social Determinants of Health, and Medicaid Policy in North Carolina.

Kathryn Thomas – Voting Early and On-Campus: How Universities Optimize Convenience Voting to Increase Student Voter Turnout in North Carolina.

Darshan Vijaykumar – Singaporean Perspectives on Effective Data Privacy Legislation.

Christina Wang – What Do Americans Think Democracy Means?

Rujia Xie – Mapping the Palate Palette: Examining the Community and Consumer Food Environments of Durham, NC.

Ellen Zhang – The Impact of Advance 2021 Child Tax Credit Payments on Low-income Households’ Real Income and Labor Supply.


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