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Class of 2017

Alexander Jay BlutmanPaying College Athletes: An Analysis of Proposed Reforms for the Collegiate Athletic Model

Tara Puja BansalAnalyzing the Development of Social Capital in the Slums of Bangalore

Jennifer Michelle ColtonThe First Lady of the United States: A Traditional Role in the Modern Era

Hailey Gordon CunninghamLife and Death: Capital Punishment in America

Diana Wang DaiSurviving the State: A Case Study Analysis of the Employment Relationship in Contemporary Domestic Work

Hannah Teleri DaviesLessons in Ethnic Reconciliations: A Case Study of Kosovo

Meredith Streeter DavinThe School Garden as a Tool to Teach Elementary School Curricula in North Carolina

Samantha Lauren DevitoMake the Grade? Kindergarten Readiness in Connecticut

Nicolena F. Farias-EisnerEffects of 2008 Economic Recession on the Role of Professional Dance as a Political Message

Jeffrey G. HoCooperation and Clearance: Victim Cooperation in Shooting Crimes

Kathryn HongMen and Reproductive Health: Investigating the Role of Men in America and South African Reproductive Health Education Programs

Priyanka Raj KanalInfluencing Future Innovation in America: Targeted Recommendations So That Entrepreneurship MBA Programs Best Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Lucy Elizabeth Laird ‘To Be Part of Somethin’: The Ku Klux Klan and Its Appeal to Working Class North Carolinians during the 1960s

Madeline Claire McMorrowThe Socioeconomic Influence on Duke Students’ Perspectives of Law Enforcement

Dumisile MtamboVisualizing Social Mobility in Developing Countries

Elaine Seoyoung PakThe Effectiveness of YouTube Videos as a Government Communications Tool

Graeme Pidcock PetersonHealing the Body, Harming the Wallet? Hospital Market Concentration and Private Insurance Premiums in the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplaces

Kendra Marie SchultzSocial Media as a Tool for Social Mobilization: A Case Study of Black Lives Matter

Simone SeratLife and Liberty: Economic, Political and Ethical Issues Arriving from 21st Century Quarantines for Influenza

John W. TuranchikNon-Elite Partisan Influence and Social Media

Jessica Elisabeth Kalili Van MeirSex Work and the Politics of Space: Case Studies of Sex Workers in Argentina and Ecuador

Corey Michael VernotTogether is Better: Comparing the Effects of Joint Evaluation and Increased Information on Donation Decision

Chloe K. WarnbergThe Plea Bargaining Process: How the Use of Mandatory Minimums Can Disproportionately Affect Low-Income Defendants

Anupama Ajit WarrierPaying for Success in Pre-K: Lessons Learned from Salt Lake and NC

Ilana Beth WeismanCondoms and Consent: Exploring the Relationship between Sexual Health and Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Elizabeth Rinehart WhiteThe Precedent of the Crime of Genocide in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Kasey Ilana Wien‘Lettuce’ Improve School Nutrition: Best Practices and Key Impacts of the USDA Farm to School Grant Program

Maimuna Abdi Yussuf Soft Power and Its Effect on Development in the Sino-African Context

Sunny Cheng ZhangThe Skinny on the Skimm: How Does the Summarized News Format Affect College Student Recall of News?