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Class of 2020

Leah Natalie AbramsWho Gets the Job? Examining the Relationship Between Automatic Expungement and Racial Discrimination in North Carolina

Carmen Sumner AlbanDuke’s Sexual Assault Epidemic: Evaluating Programs in Place to Protect Students

Mala BansalPerceptions of States’ Introduction and Implementation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and Automatic Voter Registration

Joseph Aurelio BeckTeaching for Success: How Can We Best Prepare Our English Language Learners?

Christina Evie Boghosian Disrupting the Voter Market: Understanding Political Change and Polarization Through the Lens of Disruptive Innovation

Sebastian Martin BordaAmateur Hour: Using Historical Lessons to Assess the Trump-Kim Summits

Claire Louise BreenEnsuring Child Food Security During Summer Vacation: A Caretaker Evaluation of the Summer Food Service Program in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Kaylee Lynn BrilhartUnderstanding Class Stratification and Inequality Through the Greek Social System at Duke University

Kayla CarlisleQuantifying Opioid-Related Harms and Exposures in the North Carolina Pediatric Medicaid Populations

Madeleine Grace CochraneA Pipeline to Poverty: The Unequal Burden of Court-Mandated Fines and Fees in Virginia

Madison A. CullinanResponding to Refugees: How Refugee Flows from Conflict Impact U.S. Foreign Policy Choices

Rose Samar FarahEconomic Reconstruction in Post-Conflict States

John Patrick GundersenPostcolonial Networks: International Trade in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire

Cameron Reid HerreraModernizing the Outer Space Treaty for Future Space Activity

Stephanie Jaye JaffeFor Each, A Different Story: Factors Influencing Women’s Perceptions of Barriers to Abortion

Katherine Rose JamesDoes the Affordable Care Act Actually Care for You?

Amy Shanjiao JiangAn Uber-Unequal Workforce: Analyzing Latin America Women’s Barriers and Motivations to Driving for Uber

Divya JunejaWhere You Live and Where You Move: A Cross-City Comparison of the Effects of Gentrification and How These Effects are Tied to Racial History

Dahyeon KimWhy Transnational Technology Corporations Have Left the Chinese Market

Ema Stephanie KlugmanNudge Art for Gender Equality on College Campuses

Tyler Jonathan Kopp It’s a Trauma That Stays with You: How U.S. Family Separation Policies Affect Mexican-U.S. Migrant Families

Max Sapiro LabatonHurting Stalemate: Intractable Conflict and the Columbian Peace Process

Ally Rose Livingston – College Students’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Voter ID Laws in North Carolina

Corinne Elizabeth MayleInjustice Reborn: Structural Inequality and Reproductive Health for Puerto Rican Women in the 21st Century

Alison Elizabeth McHorseBringing Sex-Ed Back: Evaluating Sexual Education Curricula in N.C. After the Healthy Youth Act of 2009

Sonali Sacheen MehtaDisclosure of Sexual Violence Since #MeToo: A Comparative Study of Chile, Nepal, and Jordan

Amna Haris NaseemAn Analysis of the Media Framing Framing of Muslims in the Obama and Trump Eras

Thuy-Vi NguyenWhat are Fistulas and Why Do They Matter?

Divya NimmagaddaThe Next Chapter: Aligning Donor Policies with Country Perspectives on Transitioning from Aid

Sakiko NishidaLife After Prison: The Civic Reintegration Experience in Durham, N.C.

Lauren OwensBeyond Bilingualism: Multiculturalism in Dual Language Classrooms

Molly Miriam PaleyCollege Students’ Awareness of North Carolina Abortion Policy: An Analysis of Policy Knowledge

Peter Brent Polonsky, Jr.Politics and Solar Energy in America: How State Politics and Policy Affect Solar Deployment

Alicia Jane PorileWho’s at the Table? Examining Gender and Race in Food Advertisements Targeting Children

Brooke Chanel PorterRise and Shine: Teachers’ Perceptions of Awakening Critical Consciousness in Their Students

Angeli SharmaThe Relationship Between Political Affiliations and Emotional Regulation Ability

George Edward SullivanBanking on Progress: Exploring Credit Access and the Efficacy of Policies to Promote Credit Inclusion

Niisoja Mensah Torto – Two Birds, One Stone: The Role of Food Aid and Assistance in Addressing the Double Burden of Malnutrition in Ghana

Olivia Maria WallThe Trump Effect: America’s Impact and Influence on the Sweden Democracts

Long Sang WongThe 2019 Hong Kong Protests: Root Causes and Policy Recommendations in the Hong Kong Government

Mingyang ZhangPublic Private Partnership in Workforce Development: A Comparative and Explorative Study Through Eight Programs