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Class of 2019

Samuel George DitesheimDiluted Discrimination: Partisan Framing and Public Perception of Majority-Minority Districting Drawing

Cara Leigh Downey Flying Blind? Implementing a Trauma-Informed Care Approach to the Treatment of Trafficking Survivors

Celia Faith GarrettAssessing Human Rights Rish within U.S. and UN Private Security Contracts

Gianna Nicole GiordanoBuilding a Trauma-Informed Foster Care System: Giving Foster Parents the Tools to Help Children Heal

Maxwell Brandt Goldstein Blockchain’s Democratic Promise? The State of Blockchain and the Future of its Application to Public Policy

Qusai Shabbir HussainBlockchain Applications in Municipal Governments

Kendrick Evan IcenhourMission Citizenship: Evaluating Effectiveness of University Mission Statements

Kushal Tushar Kadakia Lost (and Found) in Translation: Applying the Accountable Care Framework to Support the Diffusion of Health Innovations

Julia Siyao LiAssessing How Differences in Cross-Cultural Values Influence Attitudes Towards One’s ‘Right to Die’

Absaroka Frances Mann-WoodA Comparative Discourse Analysis of Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Allegations: The Case of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford

Madison Ann MastrangeloA Policy Analysis of No-Hit Zones: What Are Barriers to No-Hit Zone Implementation?

Carrie Phillips McKimBurnout by Drugs: Emergency Department Nurses and the Opioid Epidemic

Emily Nicole NaglerNeeds and Experiences of Latinx Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Before, During, and After Natural Disasters in Rural North Carolina

Van NguyenRegulating Migrant Integration: Examination of Multiculturalism and Assimilation

Jae Hyun ParkFake News as a Threat to the Democratic Media Environment: Past Conditions of Media Regulation and Their Contemporary Applicability to New Media in the United States of America and South Korea

Young Gloria ParkOne-size-fits-all? Evaluating the Global Compact on Refugees in Serbia

Gregory Shea PeraCORRUPTION 101: Evaluating the Impact of Corruption Through the Lens of Education in Brazil and Mexico

David Harrison Pfeiffer Jr.Survivors and Transitional Justice: Comparing the Treatment of Survivors That Gave Testimony at the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Nicole RapfogelMy Body, My Choice? Contraceptive Decision-Making and Perceptions of Reproductive Autonomy Among Women at a Public Clinic and a Private University in North Carolina

Alexis Teresa SalcedoThe Equitability of Healthcare: A Comparative Study of the United States, Columbia and Canada

Jacob Richard SalomonWater for the Masses: An Analysis of Urban Water Distribution Methods in Sub-Saharan Africa

Amanda Sear – To Smoke or to Vape? E-cigarette Regulation in the US, the UK, and Canada

Yu Xuan SongRace and Party in Redistricting

Gary Xinke WangPediatric Accountable Health Communities: Insights on Needed Capabilities and Potential Solutions

Victoria WangCrack-Whores and Pretty Woman: The Media Framing of Sex Workers

David Javier Wohlever SanchezFake News and Social Media: A Policy-Oriented Investigation Featuring New Datasets

Jacqueline Jialing XuWhat is a ‘Fair’ Drug Price? Exploring Non-Discounted and 340B-Discounted Pharmaceutical Drug Prices at Duke University Hospital

Yue ZhouLearning Languages in Cyberspace: A Case Study of World Languages Courses in State Virtual Public Schools