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Noah McThenia

Noah McThenia

Noah is a senior from Gainesvile, FL interested in a career in public service. His policy interests include technology, human and civil rights, and political organizing. Internships on Capitol Hill, for human rights non-profits, and campaigns have exposed Noah to a wide array of pathways for social change.

Honors Thesis:

Organizing Online: Political Participation on Reddit

Faculty Advisor: Kenneth S. Rogerson

Abstract: In the past twenty years, the internet has become an important avenue for political participation. Much of the existing literature on social media and political participation focuses on Twitter and Facebook, but these are not the only impactful platforms. Reddit, an anonymous forum platform, is the one of the most influential, least understood venues of online political discussion. This paper seeks to understand what speech about political participation looks like in different communities on Reddit. It compares how much each community discusses concrete participation and draws conclusions based on these differences or similarities. Communities that are small, organizing-focused, liberal, and local discuss participation more than their counterparts do.