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Class of 2014

Matthew James BarnettIncome Inequality and the Minimum Wage in American Cities

Grace Elizabeth BensonSelf-Sufficiency and Dependency Among Bhutanese and Iraqi Refugees

Haoxiaohan CaiNewspapers and the Supreme Court: In Re Capital Punishment

Stephanie Chien-Ting ChenAuthorship and Inventorship: An Analysis of Publishing and Patenting Norms and Their Consequences at American Universities

Maureen Joan DolanPresidential Persuasiveness in Justifying Use of Force in the Post 9/11-Era

Kaitlyn Elizabeth EllettTwo Systems of School Choice: Expectations, Decision-making, and Satisfaction in Chile and the U.S.

Jesse Max FormanDo Different Media Matter? How Newspapers Vary in Their Coverage of Campaigns for State Legislatures

Melanie Liza GreenTackling the NFL: An Analysis of the Role of Government in Workplace Safety

Nadia Jessica HajjiPost-transitional Justice in Spain: Passing the Historical Memory Law

Andrew Leon HannaThe Global Youth Unemployment Crisis: Exploring Successful Initiatives and Partnering with Youths

Caroline Michelle JacobsStewart vs. Colbert 2012: How Satirical Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election Affected College Students

Firoz Asanuma JameelEvaluating the Impact of Leandro vs. State of North Carolina on Education Policy

Anna J. Koelsch The Influence of Audience: Analyzing the Relationship Between Post-Sandy Hook Newspaper Coverage and Readers’ Position on Gun Policy

Dana Lisa KrausharWhat’s the Goal? Brazil’s Response to Hosting the World Cup and Olympics

Bernadette Anne Leblond North Carolina Public School Teachers’ Perceptions of Value-added Measures

Hee Won LeeIntervention Programs to Improve Typically Developing Students’ Perceptions of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

Joseph Blake MarcheseTrends in Rural Segregation?: An Examination of Eastern North Carolina School Districts

Patrick A. OathoutAssessing the Rainbow Welcome: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Refugee Status and LGBTQ Status for Cuban Refugees

Ellen Marie PaddockReal G’s and Wannabes: Policy Implications of the Changing Juvenile Game Dynamics in Durham, North Carolina

Daniel Patrick PellegrinoToo Many Cooks in the Kitchen? Local Government Fragmentation and Economic Growth

Mrinalini Reveathi PrasannaDifference in Treatment and Outcomes of AMI and Prostrate Cancer in the United States and Canada

Courtney Lynne ReadyEmpowering Participation: Examining Women’s Access to Formal Financial Resources and Women’s National Parliamentary Representation

Maria Cecilia Romano Independent Child Migration in the Developing World: Victims of Trafficking and Child Labor, or Autonomous Economic Actors

Ethan James RubyU.S. China Trade Disputes in the Post-recession Political Landscape

Robinson Strawn An Examination of Spikes in Online Extremist Activity

Evan Patrick SheaConsider the Teachers: An Analysis of Factors that Influence Student Test Results in Orange County Schools

Kyra Engel Socolof Inside Duke University Hospital System’s Charity Care Program: Effectiveness in Serving North Carolina’s Uninsured, Undocumented, Low-Income Hispanic Families

Nicole Yoon Ha WhangThe Power of Art as a New Narrative

Amanda J. YoungExecuting Justice in Higher Education: How Have Universities Implemented the Dear Colleague Letter in Their Sexual Misconduct Policies