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Students Joining Duke Payroll

All Students: Will get set up on payroll. It is important that when you arrive in town you contact Grace Wright at and schedule an appointment with her regarding setting you up on payroll. Please feel free to schedule an appointment by email before you arrive.

For Payroll Set Up Please Bring:

International students: Bring all visa and immigration documentation.

Domestic students: Bring your passport OR two of the three following items: driver’s license, official copy of birth certificate, or original Social Security Card (no photocopies allowed).

Payroll for Sanford Undergraduate/Graduate Students

  1. When a student comes to Grace Wright to set up payroll, they should bring the following documents:
    1. Domestic students please bring either your passport OR any 2 of the following items: driver’s license, and social security card, or birth certificate (originals, not photocopies).
    2. International students please bring your passport, visa, and any other immigration documents. Grace Wright will give you a VISA letter to present at Visa Services.
  2. After meeting Grace Wright in-person, expect an email from SuccessFactors to electronically complete the following forms:
    1. W-4 Federal Income Tax
    2. NC-4 North Caroline State Income Tax
    3. I-9 form.
  1. Domestic students will complete the documents requested in 1a.
  2. International students will present the immigration documents when they checked in at Visa Services
    1. International students will fill out a Foreign National Form. They should contact for assistance on the tax treaty section.
  1. Human Resources forms (all students)
    1. Biographical Data Form
    2. Direct Deposit
      1. The Direct Deposit Policy will be applicable to all Sanford students who receive payments and other disbursements.

Enrollment Process:

– To enroll in direct deposit, you must

  1. Log into Duke@Work using your NetID credentials.
  2. Click on the “My Info” tab.
  3. Under “My Pay Tab”, click “Create/Update My Bank Account for Direct Deposit
  4. Enter your banking routing number and account number.

You should receive a confirmation email with an effective date. The direct deposit will be effective for the next available pay date after the confirmation date.

If you are receiving a non-compensatory payment, you should update your direct deposit information using the Duke Hub.

  • Any updates to your direct deposit must be entered in Duke Hub before the 15th of each month; and you must have an active non-compensatory record, effective the current month.
  • If you decide to change bank accounts, you should plan to leave the old account open until payments are posted to the new account to avoid any timing issues.


Foreign national employees or non-compensatory recipients cannot establish direct deposit until they have provided Corporate Payroll Services with a valid social security number or individual tax identification number as appropriate for the individual’s status.

All forms should be completed and emailed at