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MPP Tutoring

MPP Tutoring

  • Quantitative
    • Hayley Barton (, Belton Moore (, Mohamed Ramadan ( and Jonathan Pyka ( will lead small group tutoring sessions for students enrolled in PUBPOL 810, PUBPOL 811, PUBPOL 812, and PUBPOL 822 who are in need of extra assistance. Students can register to attend sessions using the link on their preferred tutor’s name. Please make sure to let the tutor know if you prefer to meet on Zoom at least 4 hours before you scheduled session time.
      • Hayley Barton –  Stats Tutoring:
      • Jonathan Pyka  – Stats Tutoring:
      • Belton MooreEcon Tutoring:
      • Mohamed RamadanEcon Tutoring:
  • Writing
    • Stephanie Pett ( and Kathryn Anderson ( will provide assistance to students in writing-intensive courses such as PUBPOL 803. Students can register to attend sessions using the link on their preferred tutor’s name.
      • Kathryn Anderson
      • Stephanie Pett

How to Sign Up for Tutoring:

  1. Be sure you are signed into Box before you sign up for a session (you will not be able to access the sheet without being logged in).
  2. Sign up for the day and time that best fits your schedule
  3. Make sure to note if you will be on Zoom

When completing the sign-up forms, please add your name to the sign-up list for your preferred tutoring session. If the sign-up list is full for that day, please select a different day or email them to find an alternate time.

Please keep in mind:

    • Your TAs and faculty should be your first point of contact for questions and assistance related to your quantitative coursework. If you need additional support, you may sign up for tutoring with our tutors. This service is supplemental and not a replacement for working with your professors and TAs.
    • Tutors are here to help with concepts, not deliverables. As such, tutors will only review problem sets once they have been submitted for a grade.
    • Up to 8 students may sign up for each tutoring session.
    • If you’re unable to meet at the times listed below, you may contact the tutors directly to request another meeting time (this is not guaranteed, but they will try to accommodate students when possible).