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Student Assistantships


For many MPP students, the financial aid package includes a commitment to serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Research Assistant (RA), or Graduate Assistant (GA) while studying here.

As a TA, RA, or GA you are expected to maintain the highest levels of professional and ethical standards. All teaching, research, and graduate assistants with access to student “education records,” including personal data, test scores and other academic performance information, must comply with guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), available for review here.

TA/RA/GAs at the Sanford School is expected to work an average of 10-12 hours per week.  Assistants will be formally evaluated at the end of each semester. The results of these evaluations will help us monitor and improve the assistantship system.

Copying: Your faculty or staff assistantship supervisor should provide you with a copy card to use for assistantship copying purposes. Please use the copy machines in the Sanford Building, rooms 133 and 223D, or in Rubenstein Hall, rooms 104, 195, 205 and 285.

If you need technical assistance with the Sanford copiers, or if you find one broken beyond your capabilities, please contact our Sanford Building Manager, Jokya Sanders, or pps-help immediately so a repair request can be placed.

Room Reservations: To reserve space in Sanford, please utilize the 25Live system. For emergency room reservation needs, please contact Emily Totherow. Study/Bubble Rooms may NOT be used for TA Office Hours.

AV and Equipment Needs: For information on availability and use of audio/visual devices, contact PPS-help

Troubleshooting; contact the following people if you have problems with: