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Dual Degrees

Current two-year MPP students may decide to apply to a dual degree program during the fall semester of their first year of MPP study.

By November 1, students submit to the MPP Director of Student Services the signed Dual Degree Intent Form. In considering whether or not to apply to a dual degree program, students should note that changing to dual degree status affects the student’s MPP curriculum and financial aid package, including forfeiture of guaranteed Sanford teaching/research assistantship assignments.

Dual degree students need 39 course credits registered under the Sanford School in DukeHub to graduate. The first year they need to take all the core curriculum courses as well as one to two electives. In their second year, they need to take Master’s Project I & II as well as one or two electives.

Please note: Each Dual Degree Applicant who is already enrolled at Sanford will be subject to a tuition adjustment.  It will be applied over the remaining semesters of study at Duke. Note, changing to dual degree status affects scholarship and the financial aid package, thus making the student ineligible for Sanford scholarship funding and guaranteed Sanford teaching/research assistantship assignments after the first year of study.


Q: Do dual-degree students need to take 807 and 808 Master’s Project courses?

A: Yes, unless they are dual-degree MPP-MEM students who have chosen a combined master’s project. In this case, students enroll in 807 in the fall of their final year but not 808 in the spring. The fall term course is designed to help students get started on their project, to provide some exposure to basic questions related to applied policy research (for example, IRB procedures and survey design) and to write a prospectus that will be reviewed by the end of fall semester before a committee of faculty members.

Q: Do dual-degree students get lockers at Sanford?

A: Dual-degree students only get lockers for the one full Sanford year of their program of study.