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Course Planning and Registration

In planning your coursework at Sanford, you may find the following information useful. If you have any questions about course requirements, the suitability of particular courses, or the procedures for registering, please contact MPP Student Services.

Registration via DukeHub

Each semester, students register for classes via the University Registrar’s DukeHub enrollment system. The registration cycle opens with a “book bagging” period ten days prior to the start of the live registration window. Once begun, the registration period remains open for two weeks, followed by a drop/add period which extends through the end of the second week of each semester. Unless otherwise noted, students obtain permission numbers for courses requiring them directly from the instructors of those courses.

Two-year MPP students register for all courses within their Sanford School Public Policy “PPS” career on DukeHub. Dual degree students with other Duke schools (Law, NSOE, Fuqua, Divinity) will have two active careers in DukeHub. In the final, blended year of a dual-degree program, when a student takes courses at both Sanford and the other Duke professional school, the student will need to be sure that they need to count toward the Public Policy degree are registered for within the Sanford “PPS” career on DukeHub. Dual degree students should schedule an appointment with the MPP Director of Student Services prior to registering for fall courses of their final academic year.

Sanford Course Numbering

Typically, MPP core courses and graduate-level electives are numbered 800 – 899. MIDP courses, many of which MPP’s are permitted to take as electives, are numbered 700 – 799. Sanford courses numbered 500 – 699 are electives open to undergraduate juniors and seniors as well as graduate-level students. Courses listed below the 500 level are intended primarily for undergraduates.