PPS 306S: Communities and Development: Social Capital, Entrepreneurship and External Assistance

PPS 314: The Politics of the Policy Process (A core class for the Masters in Public Policy Program)

PPS 329.06: Globalization and Poverty (seminar class)

PPS 196S/PPS264S: Understanding and Assisting Development in the Third World (A seminar class for advanced undergraduates and graduate students)

PPS 114: Political Analysis for Public Policy (A core class for undergraduates majoring in public policy)

PPS 198/199: Senior Honors Seminar

Independent Study Courses

Social Mobility and Access; Governance and Development; Political Organization and Political Participation; Public Administration and Human Rights; Routes to Collective Action; Globalization, Technology and Equity; Social Capital in Developing Countries;

Globalization and Equal Opportunity; Poverty in North Carolina; Technology for Local Institutional Development

Thesis Advising

Seniors Honors Theses

Lekha Raghavendran (Social Mobility in Indian City Slums); Sarah Nolan (First-generation college-goers: What factors matter?); Adam Hosmer-Henner (Poverty Reduction in Ecuador and Peru); Suzanne Garland (Microcredit, Gender Relations, and Development).

Masters Theses

Alok Dubey (Improving the Quality of Education in Tribal Areas of India); My-Anh Ha (Social Protection and Pro-Poor Growth in Vietnam); Abhijit Ghorpade (Agrarian Crisis in Vidharba Region of Maharashtra, India); Sharique Mashhadi (Intergenerational Social Mobility); Nathan Woiwode (Microfinance in East Kalimantan, Indonesia); Daniel B. Kobayashi (Getting more from Microfinance in Uganda); Sean Smith (Maximizing the Economic Gains of Expanding Access to Electricity in Tanzania); Curtis Palmer (Missing Connections in Nepal: Bridging the Gap between Customers, Companies and the National Regulator); Dana Vettel (How Should the United Nations World Food Program Partner with the Agriculture Industry?); Meri Poghosyan (Impact Evaluation of BRAC’s Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction); Anita Sharma (Micro Health Insurance Programs in India); Franco Gamboa Rocabado (Civil Society and Educational Reform in Bolivia); Kenichi Fukumura (Community Organization and Community Forestry in Three Countries); Idrissa Kamara (Child Soldiers in West Africa); Hasmik Minasyan (Civil Society in Armenia); David Swanson (Healthcare in Ghana); Nicolas Perez (Migration and Development); Karen O’Donnell (Children and War in Africa); Ford O’Connell (Oil and War in the Middle East); Jennifer Nevin (Policy Analysis Capacity Building in Serbia), Boyu Ao (Decentralization and Poverty Reduction in China); Felicity Kolp (Operationalizing a Human Rights Strategy); Elaine Lai (Conservation and Poverty Reduction in Mexico); Marissa Archibald (Poverty Reduction in Trinidad); Jessica Campbell (Community-based Natural Resources Management in the Caribbean); Leandra Marin (Labor Organizing in Brazil and Argentina); Sridhar Sourirajan (Globalization and Offshore Outsourcing)

PhD Committees

Shana Starobin (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University); Johanna Soderstrom (Uppsala University, Sweden); Sonia Doloutskaya (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University); Aurelie Brunie (Department of Planning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).