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Category: Water Quality & Mining

Leaders’ distributional & efficiency effects in collective responses to policy: Lab-in-field experiments with small-scale gold miners in Colombia

Luz A. Rodriguez, Maria Alejandra Velez, Alexander Pfaff World Development 147 (2021) Globally, small-scale gold mining (SSGM) is an important economic option for many…

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Graduated stringency within collective incentives for group environmental compliance: Building coordination in field-lab experiments with artisanal gold miners in Colombia

Luz A. Rodriguez, Alexander Pfaff, Maria Alejandra Velez Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 98 Small-scale gold mining is important to rural livelihoods in…

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Collective Local Payments for Ecosystem Services: new local PES between groups, sanctions, and prior watershed trust in Mexico

Alexander Pfaff, Luz Angela Rodriguez, Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza Water Resources and Economics 28 Payments for ecosystem services (PES) programs are now high in number, if…

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Contracts versus Trust for Transfers of Nature’s Services: equity and efficiency in resource allocation and environmental provision

Alexander Pfaff, Maria Alejandra Velez, Amar Hamoudi, Renzo Taddei, Kenneth Broad Water Resources & Economics 2018 Managing natural-resource allocation and environmental externalities is a…

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Reduction in exposure to arsenic from drinking well-water in Bangladesh limited by insufficient testing and awareness

Alexander Pfaff, Amy Schoenfeld, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Alexander van Geen Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development 07.2 doi: 10.2166/washdev.2017.136 This study considers potential…

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