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Data Brokerage


Companies and government agencies do not just directly collect data on US citizens and consumers. The data brokerage ecosystem is a vast but understudied form of indirect surveillance: numerous companies both foreign and domestic buy, sell, aggregate, license, and otherwise share sensitive information on American subjects as part of this international, multi-billion-dollar industry. Clients range from advertising firms and insurance providers to US law enforcement agencies and a range of foreign actors, and, as a result, the data brokerage ecosystem has implications for privacy, civil rights, national security, and democracy itself. The Data Brokerage Project, part of Duke’s Privacy & Democracy Project, conducts quantitative and qualitative research on this industry and its effects, producing research and actionable insights for policymakers and the general public.


Senate Hearing on “Promoting Competition, Growth, and Privacy Protection in the Technology Sector,” December 7, 2021, featuring testimony by Justin Sherman, Fellow and Research Lead, Data Brokerage Project.

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