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Priority 2:

Broaden and reimagine our professional offerings to equip students for the future of public policy

MPP concentrations offer robust exploration from a global perspective in the areas of:

  • Environment and Energy Policy
  • Health Policy
  • International Development Policy
  • National Security and Foreign Policy
  • Social Policy
  • Technology Policy

Student Stories

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Graduate student team tackled absenteeism in North Carolina schools.

2021 rankings, all in top 10
3 students

Student Voices Premiere

Students wrote stories about their experiences, like internships & classes.

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Our award-winning series continues.

Liam Miranda, MPP'21


“A significant portion of research doesn’t reflect who LQBTQ folk are and can run the risk of misrepresenting or misunderstanding the challenges our community can face. Innovative, ethical and thoughtful research is a powerful tool in the policy process. I’m excited to be at Sanford figuring out the best way to equip advocates and community members with the research that can help advance their important work.”

Inspiring Graduation Remarks

"Policy is the academic and professional manifestation of giving a damn."
Meril Pothen smiling
Meril Pothen
MPP Graduation Speaker