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Faces @ 50

Featured Alumni and Friends

If you voted on Duke’s campus during the 2016 election, you have Adam Beyer to thank. And, if you have read the Duke Chronicle any Read more
Marcus in the Fleishman commons
For Marcus Morrow MPP'14, after finishing his undergraduate studies, Sanford seemed like the best choice for a jumping-off point for his career. He explained that Read more
Ciara smiling
“I studied international relations as an undergrad, but didn’t really have a great idea of what I wanted to do with that,” Ciara explained about Read more
Sarhang smiling
“I was born into conflict,” said Sarhang Hamasaeed MIDP’07. His parents met when they had become neighbors after their home villages were destroyed. He was Read more
Joy smiling
Applying private-sector solutions to help address social-sector challenges Before coming to Duke, Joy Basu PPS 08 had lived her entire life in the same house, Read more
Maya Ajmera at a microphone
Maya Ajmera MPP’93 founded the nonprofit Global Fund for Children (GFC) when she was a student at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke. It grew Read more
Stef Feldman smiling
Stefanie Feldman graduated from Duke with a degree in Public Policy Studies (PPS) in 2010. She works at the White House as President Biden's Deputy Read more
Faith smiles
Faith Begay-Dominique MPP’15: Bringing Native Culture to Public Policy By Maddie Wray,  January 12, 2022 Faith Begay-Dominique MPP’15 is one of the first Native American Read more
Ubong Mark at the capitol building
Ubong Mark Akpaninyie PPS'12: Taking the Risks in China and Beyond By Maddie Wray, December 1, 2021 Ubong Mark Akpaninyie PPS’12 has had a career Read more

Featured Event

The Rooted in Relationship event will explore how to shift power and work in support of (not on behalf of) community-rooted organizations working on the health
and economic viability of historically marginalized communities.

Featured Story

Professor Emerita Helen Ladd believes in the value of Sanford’s MPP program. As one of the first directors of the program, she helped build it into a top-ranked professional program. Today, she is continuing to build the program through her gift to create the Helen F. Ladd Fellowship Fund.